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 Services and Capabilities

The team at Insitu Pipelines has over 30 years experience in successfully deploying both traditional open trench as well as trenchless technologies on construction projects across South Africa. We work with all types of underground utilities, including water pipes, sewers, gas pipes and electrical conduits. Our core competence is to ensure that clients achieve long life, good value and sustained performance from their piping infrastructure.

We pride ourselves on effective project management that, together with our experience and skills in trenchless solutions, ensures construction projects are completed on time, within budget and to the most exacting quality standards.

Insitu Pipelines deliver complete turnkey solutions for every type of trenchless technology project. We provide and advise on preparation, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance including CCTV Inspections and Micro-Tunnelling.

Benefits of Trenchless Technology

South Africa needs to expand the capacity and efficiency of its underground civil infrastructure especially water, sewage, electrical, data cable and even gas pipelines.


Reduced delays in fixing leaking, corroded or damaged pipes, minimising the risk of water loss or contamination.


Reduced construction and rehabilitation costs .


Reduced construction time with less inconvenience to local communities, traffic and the general public.

Low Risk

Reduced risk of damage to existing surface structures.


Apart from Entry and Exit Pits, there is no excavation which minimises environmental impact and construction waste.


Reduced disruption to private and public property, roads, pavements and verges.

Benefits of Trenchless Technology

In urbanised areas, trenchless techniques are the only viable construction option. Trenchless technologies are a fast, safe and productive option for the maintenance and renewal of pipelines with wide-ranging ecological, practical, risk and cost benefits. There is no need for excavation at all if access takes place through existing manholes.

Insitu Pipelines has a broad experience of both open excavation and trenchless methods, and we are able to bring unique and innovative solutions to the table. Let us assist in assessing the extent and severity of leaks and the evaluation of alternative approaches.

Our state-of-the-art approach effectively allows our clients in both the industrial and public sector to make the best use of their budget, maximise productivity across multiple subcontractors and reduce project risks.

Selecting the right trenchless technology

When the hydraulic performance of a buried pipeline is no longer satisfactory but the original pipes still provide a conduit through the soil, trenchless techniques are often cost-effective and faster.  Most trenchless techniques are “a pipe within a pipe” with no joints between manholes – eliminating potential leakage problems.

Insitu Pipelines are able to assist in the design of innovative solutions to pipe rehabilitation, including the condition of existing pipes, the extent and severity of leaks and the evaluation of alternative approaches. Please contact us for a specialist consultation.